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Allison Roth-Cooper, editor (717) 505-5410
Patrick DeLany, managing editor (717) 505-5418
Gayle Eubank, city editor (717) 505-5457
John Finger, news/production editor (717) 505-5457
Teresa Hoover, business manager (717) 505-5400
News releases, for submission of news releases (717) 505-5427
Classified ads, For submission of classified advertising (717) 767-4237


Elizabeth Evans Scolforo, senior police reporter (717) 505-5429
Christopher Dornblaser, night police reporter (717) 505-5436
Jason Addy, city reporter (717) 505-5437
David Weissman, business/government reporter (717) 505-5431
Margarita Cambest, health reporter (717) 505-5439
Alyssa Pressler, education reporter (717) 505-5438


Bill Kalina, digital content editor (717) 505-5449
John A. Pavoncello, photographer (717) 505-5449
Dawn J. Sagert, photographer (717) 505-5449
Amanda J. Cain, photographer (717) 505-5449


Steve Heiser, sports editor (717) 505-5446
Patrick Strohecker, sports reporter (717) 505-5402
Dave Van O'Linda, sports clerk (717) 505-5405
Elija Armold, sports copy editor (717) 505-5402


Barb Mundis, clerk (717) 505-5423


Jerry Geist, wire editor (717) 505-5435
Mel Barber, food editor (717) 505-5443
Sherry Coons, copy editor (717) 505-5443

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Managing editor: Patrick DeLany, @pmdelany
Entertainment: Gayle Eubank, @yorkweekend
Business: David Weissman, @DispatchDavid
Senior crime reporter: Liz Evans Scolforo, @LizScolforoYD
Night crime: Christopher Dornblaser,@YDDornblaser
Health: Margarita Cambest,@ritacambest
City: Sean Philip Cotter, @SPCotterYD
Education: Alyssa Pressler, @AlyssaPressYD
HS sports: Patrick Strohecker, @P_Strohecker
Food: Mel Barber, @ydfood
Junior Dispatch: Gayle Eubank, @juniordispatch
Photographer: Dawn J. Sagert, @DispatchDawn
Photographer: Bill Kalina, @BKalina
Photographer: John Pavoncello, @Jpavoncello
Photographer: Amanda J. Cain, @grafikAmanda